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Boosting Creativity challenges

A continuous search for inspiration already is a challenge. After inspiration comes, maybe the toughest challenge is to bring these ideas down to production and ideally...have a great result!

Back in January, I wanted to continue expanding the "Witness of Time Series" and got the idea to contrast the previous beach and urban scenes with mountains this time.

What other best mountains than the iconic volcanoes close to Mexico City.?! Reapeat after me: Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl. Both volcanoes were covered with snow and a very winter green surroundings. I planned the trip with my friends, models and production team, all in the same small group: Thanks a lot to Manolo Moran, Myryam Martinez, Pablo Vidal and Silvia Carranza for the support to bring these ideas to life!

Here i put some images of the "behind the scenes" to give you a flavor of what it took to produce these images and carrying the plastic bubble, the engine and power source to inflate the bubble, plus outfits and props for the models! Was a really nice and fun experience!

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